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TECHNOLOGY – Dubai announces passenger drone plans

The head of Dubai road and transportation agency has announced at the World Government Summit that it will start operating drone across the city which can carry people as a “regular operations” from July According to Matt al-Tayer, the Chinese model eHang 184 has already had test flights in order to become reality. It can carry one passenger weighing up to 100 kg (220 pounds) and has a flight duration 30 minutes. The passenger uses → Read more

NEWS: Facebook videos to autoplay with sound

Sound system is one of the key element in our entertainment industry but still some of the big organizations seems are not understanding the important of this. For example – Facebook’s News Feed; containing auto video played system, does not have sound system as publishers adapted to knowing that the majority of viewers would be watching but not listen in their work. But the way of thinking seems to be changed soon as between now and the end → Read more