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Have you ever noticed a suspicious looking book underneath somebody’s test? A bunch of notes hidden up in the sleeve of the fellow sitting next to you during an exam? You probably would have because cheating is something that is common in every educational setup. We all know that you will get an F grade if you get caught in high school for cheating and in college, it’s a different ball game – you are suspended.

Whether or not you have cheated at college, you’ve at least thought about it for sure. Denise Pope, Ph.D., is a senior lecturer at the Stanford University School of Education has written in book, “Doing School: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed Out, Materialistic, and uneducated Students” that 97% of the high school students in Challenge Success survey admitted to cheating at least once during the past year, and 75% admitted to cheating four or more times. Ofqual compiles following annual data shows how schoolchildren in the UK are cheating on their tests.

Ofqual compiles annual data shows how schoolchildren in the UK are cheating on their tests.

Independent Portal presented even more terrible information: 14% of students claim their teachers have helped them to cheat. Nowadays, a cheating industry has been developed, with all those high-tech gadgets; making cheating one of an integral part of student life. So, do want some must-dos and must-not dos so that nobody would suspect you for cheating? Don’t bite your nails, and follow on!

China is no longer the champion

China is known for being a leader in using cheat gadgets and in the same time, it has one of the largest communities that fight scams. Many universities are even installing metal detectors to reduce the flow of these gadgets. Recently, more than 2,000 Chinese students were caught on high-tech cheating during a national exam and they were expelled off on the spot! This happened as their electronic erasers and wireless ear pieces betrayed them by sending off abnormal radio signals, which were caught by the authorities. According to the Irish Times, Chinese students face up to 7 years in prison for cheating on college-entrance exams. The conclusion is, do not trust gadgets or high-tech stuff and try something organic to stay in line with your career.


Turnitin is a new technology which is becoming very common in the western world. It compares work to everything else in the database, checks for plagiarism shows grammar mistakes and analyses student’s performance. So, if you know that your teacher is a techno-savvy and has installed Turnitin, then it’s better you do some hard work and pass the exam through your endeavour as Turnitin is harder to breakthrough.

Understand your teacher

So, you can be crafty and creative cheat note writer or a gadget lover, but always keep in mind that your teacher knows you. A teacher knows all the student tricks and he can easily place you in a particular cheating category, after having just a few conversations. For your benefit, either observe what your teacher knows about or keep a very good impression during all of your lectures so that the teacher won’t get an impression of your cheating techniques. Most teachers have some common methodology, so be aware:

  1. You are asked to empty your pocket in case you have electronic devices.
    Way out: hide electronic devices in safe places or don’t even bring them if you can’t.
  2. Teacher takes place at the back of the classroom.
    Way out: omit extra movements and don’t send signals. Every man for himself in this case.
  3. Teacher greets all students by shaking hands. He’s not that friendly, he wants to check whether you’ve written something on your palm.
    Way out: if you find this efficient, choose any other part of your body inaccessible to your teacher.
  4. The teacher listens to hallway conversations.
    Way out: shut up when you see a teacher.

people scaling walls topeople-scaling-four-storey-building-pass-cheating-relatives-notes-high-pressure-school-leaving-exams-India

Avoid Some Common Habits

Following are some of the things you should avoid at all costs unless you have a very lazy teacher who does not care about a thing in the world:

  1. Avoid writing on the palm as it does not bring success nowadays and can leave spots on your clean new sheet.
  2. Answers under the bill of a hat are extremely noticeable which must be avoided at all costs.
  3. As for homework cheating, never ever use first pages of Google as they have already been used by many other students and can lead to plagiarism.

Successful cheating

  1. Try to use series of devices like iPod Nano on watch strap, or apple/android watch. Make sure you don’t look at the watch again and again as it might make teacher curious.
  2. Collaborate with others and distract teachers so that you can get more time on your own.
  3. Make small cheat notes placed in your socks or in your shoes, but keep them at places which are easily accessible during the test. Although this is an old technique, it’s totally effective even nowadays. The best thing is you can try different ways with this technique.

At the end, we would say that we never promote cheating and cheating is never away to success. The best option during homework assignment is to address us and we will help you with your homework and class assignments. If you don’t want to someone doing your work, you can always ask us specific questions and we are ready to answer your questions on math, physics, chemistry, etc. as soon as you wish and for free. Prepare for your test online with us and you won’t need to apply any of the aforementioned cheating techniques.


You might not believe it but being a high school student serves as an important point in your life. It is the time when you have your whole life lying in front of your eyes and it is high time that you start thinking about your future life. To plan out your future, you definitely need to think about the career that you are going to choose which can be a tough job. Remember that plans can easily be changed so don’t rush into anything and take time in order to plan for pursuing your dreams by following a few important career guidelines.

1.    Reflect on your Ideal Careers

This is the initial and an important step as it involves thinking about what you consider as dream jobs. You should know that there are lots of opportunities and so many careers in different industries in addition to other career paths that have just begun to emerge. Even if you are not sure of your career choice, take some time out to explore more options. Take a closer look at your likes and dislikes. You can take a few tests for assessment of the perfect career for you. Try your best and do not let any hurdle come in your way of finding the best career.

Five Steps of career planning

2.    Don’t be Overwhelmed

It is great to sort out most of the career problems while you are still in high school. You must take challenges and tough schedules of classes to learn more. Also, this will give you a good impression to admission staff of the college. You obviously need to focus more on getting good grades which requires good assignment writing. However, remember that overloading yourself or your schedule will do no good to you. It will burn you out and make you sick.

3.    Gain Some Experience

Believe it or not, choosing a career requires more than getting assignment writing help or good essay writing. Exposing yourself by getting work experience will open more options for you as you set out to search for the perfect career. Hence, it is often advised to go for the maximum amount of volunteer work. A large number of internship opportunities are available for the students of high school these days. Seek a suitable type of work both in and out of your institution. This will also shine bright like a diamond on your college applications and will help you in your future resumes and job applications. Remember to work with your capacity and balance it with your schedule.

4.    Gain Further Education

We currently live in a society where a lot of careers and jobs can only be pursued if you have additional training or education beyond the level of high school. Some of these careers even demand a graduate degree before you can actually start working. Hence, take full advantage of all the opportunities to educate yourself and don’t forget to indulge in international trips and summer educational programs as well. Get tutorial helps from assignment expert and avail best academic support service to get better grades and secure a chance to go to college for further education.

5.    Talk to People

The best way to know more about different careers is to ask others about it. These people can be the members of your family, your friends, neighbours, counsellors and teachers. Tell them about your choice of career and experience and seek their expert opinion. You should already start building your own network of adults who are well-acquainted and are ready to help you in choosing a perfect career. For the careers that you are actually interested in, try asking every individual for shadowing him/her to their job. You can increase your knowledge by attending informational interviews at the same time.

6.    Don’t Compare Yourself

It is extremely important to remember that comparing yourself with others is not going to get you anywhere in life. So, do not waste your precious time in worrying about what others are doing. You must also not allow their opinions or achievements to affect the important decisions in your life. Do not panic if you get through high school without having a definite career path in mind as you still have a college life. Remember that everyone matures at their own pace, so do not rush towards making a decision regarding your career. This also does not mean that you should set back and start wasting your time instead of researching about your potential career options.

7.    It’s Not Too Late

No matter where you stand in high school, you should immediately start preparing to decide a career for yourself right away. It is never too late to research about your options after you finish school. Think about community colleges, technical schools, four-year universities and more. It is also the right time to start preparing for the standardization tests like SAT as a good college always ensures a good career. Make sure to fill any gaps in your plan like choosing tough courses, earning community service hours or gaining experience. Use our coursework writing service and dissertation writing help to start scoring better and preparing for a great career from now onwards.

To conclude, high school can serve as a transition time for you as you are moving into adulthood. It can also be the perfect time for you to decide what you want to do in life and which career would you pursue. Consider it as a time of growth and challenge and try following the steps mentioned above to utilize it properly. Try having fun but do not forget to educate yourself about your career goals and aspirations. So, start thinking about your future and don’t forget to get the help in assignment writing to for better grades which will help you secure a career of your dreams. Lastly, remember to never stop learning irrespective of where you head out after high school and what career you choose.



As you come back from school every single day, all you want to do is to drop everything and lay on the bed, waiting for the long sleep you had been thinking of during your school time. But suddenly you realize; “well, I’ve got homework to do” and you open your notebooks. That’s where a lot of distractions come around and even a plain white wall seems more interesting than your books. You perfectly know what the consequences are if you don’t complete the homework- you might fail. And you think; “what is going on? Is there any way I can be more self-disciplined for a while?”
The answer is yes. Read on and find tips to focus on your homework.


It is a famous fact that the students who cannot focus on their homework which leads to poor grades and even failure. So, the first thing we suggest you do is to get an advanced level of concentration. Improving this skill is not only fun, but also very helpful. To master high levels of concentration, first, ask yourself a few questions and try to answer them honestly. We know you haven’t done that before so let us guide you. Ask yourself some questions like:

What are your distractions?Image for improving concentration in homework

What are you thinking about at the moment?

How long can you read or write before losing concentration?

Where do you feel most comfortable during studying?


Is something distracting your concentration away from homework? The solution to this problem is simple- get rid of the distraction. Your homework matters and you need to block rest of the factors that prevent you from concentrating on your work. We all have been knowing this from the start, but make sure you follow this every time you open your books. And yes, remember that our experts are always here to help you with your homework, so if you cannot physically fit into your productive hours, we are always there for the help.

Simpson doing his homework

Study Place

No matter what people say, it is a well-researched fact that the studying place does affect your concentration towards homework and study. Analyse which factors best coincide with your concentration. Should it be quiet? Should the place have loud music? Should the ambience be pretty and colourful? Should people be around you during your study times? Use your imagination to create the best atmosphere for better performance. Do pleasant smells make you feel better? – add them to your room. Want some piece of cake or chocolates? – grab them and start studying.

Patience and Diligence

Choose the best time to study. It is not necessary that you start your homework right after school; you might want inspiration to flow into your, or you might want to take a nap first, or you can complete your homework right in the school. The basic aim is to complete the homework and you should conduct different experiments to see which time and places resonate better with your concentration. Be patient and keep on trying new places, you never know which productive place you might hit. Make sure to track your productive hours. Watch your time once you start your homework and count how many hours you require to complete a particular work. This will help you understand your mind’s performance, through which you can easily adapt for better performance.

How to focus in homework

After you get the results of your ‘labour time’, try to repeat them on daily basis. A few days later, try adding ten minutes to it every time you study. In this way, you can easily expand your productive hour duration. Following this technique, you might work for 4 hours straight, instead of 3 hours one day. Isn’t that cool?

Comfy Clothes

As mentioned earlier, you can only concentrate better when you are feeling comfortable. You might not want to wear something that is stretchy, scratchy or uncomfortable while doing your work because you will feel so miserable. So, get rid of that scratchy tag shirt and go throw on your sweatshirt and sweatpants, or whatever.

Remove the electronics

The electronics, including your iPod, iPad or your Mac, are one of the most common distractions. You always say that you are going to take a 5 minutes break and end up wasting an hour. Make sure you put your electronics in the drawer before you start the homework. Don’t forget to put your smartphone on silent mode (No vibrations even!).

To cut long things short, train yourself to complete your homework first and keep every other thing at pause until the required work is done. Try to concentrate more on your studies by adapting the ambience and your clothes according to your mind, not according to your wishes. Try to complete the above-mentioned tips for better homework; and remember, if you still need help for your homework, our experts are here always.


For designing a PCB, many people use a brushless DC motor with end application mandating that the motor rotates in both directions, i.e., clockwise and anticlockwise. Some people argue to use FETs, diodes, and I/O ports on the chosen microcontroller so that the direction of rotation of the DC motor could be manually controlled but they forget to make use of the TI’s DRV8801PWPR motor driver. The DRV8801PWPR is an H-bridge motor driver which offer various features. These features include slow decay current mode, fast decay current mode, and a low-power sleep mode (which is a major requirement for many battery-operated projects).

Just like the DRV8801, the MAX14870 from Maxim also contains the FETs which help to make up the H-bridge. The MAX14870 is used as a motor controller in many C-BISCUIT designs and many other motor drivers which allow engineers to use external FETs.

The most common example of such gate-driver ICs is the DGD0506 from Diodes Incorporated. Before discussing the modes of decay, let’s have a quick analysis of how H-bridge works.

                                                                                                  Image: DGD0506 from Diodes 

An H-bridge is a simple circuit which contains four independently controlled FETs(BHTs were used in the past but FETs are more common in use now a days). These FETs serve as the switching elements and can be used for channelling current flow through the load. The load is usually an inductive load, such as a motor. The following image illustrates the H in the H-bridge.

Image: Circuit diagram of an H-bridge where the two current paths resemble the letter “H”

The free-wheeling or fly backdiodes, also called as the external diodes, are not always included in an H-bridge circuit because the FET’s body diodes can easily substitute them.

Fast Decay Mode

Many a times engineers come at a point that the installed DC motor, when disabled, would stop quickly at a particular position. The requirement certainly requires employing fast decay mode as is reasonable to assume that fast decay corresponds to fast deceleration. This is in fact wrong. The terms ‘fast decay’ and ‘slow decay’ are associated with the current flow through the inductor and they are not related to the working of the DC motor in any way.

The term ‘fastdecay’ actually means that the motor’s coils current will decay to zero within seconds. The following image illustrates the current flow which started from Vba, then    travelled through Q1, the winding and then Q4 leading to the ground node. This is the condition where the motor is energized and working properly.

Image: The motor is energized and turning normally

As we all know that the current through an inductor cannot vary rapidly; therefore, if we disable Q1 and Q4 current will flow back through fly back diodes or FET body diodes. This current will then gradually decrease to zero. So, fast decay mode is the technique which uses FETs instead of diodes for decaying inductive current. The following image shows Q2 and Q3 enabled while Q1 and Q4 are both disabled.

Image: Q2 and Q3 enabled (fast decay mode)

In short, depending on your use, the fast decay mode may or may not be required, conversely you can use fly back diodes or body diodes. However, the starting time of these diodes cannot be known. According to TI’s Community Support page, “Generally, fast decay usually is needed for high inductance motor[s], high running speed, [or] high degrees [of] micro stepping which all need the current [to] change quickly.”

To summarize fast decay mode: Do not think that fast decay will stop the motor quickly because, in reality, it’s the opposite.

Slow Decay Mode

For a better explanation go to image above when the motor is running normally. Now, instead of switching Q2 and Q3 on and turning off Q1 and Q4, as was done for fast decay mode (image 3), we will now disable Q1 and enable Q2 (see Image 5 below).It must be noted here that both low-side FETs or both high-side FETs can be used for slow decay mode.

Image: Q2 and Q4 enabled (slow decay mode)

 The current of the inductor changes to zero as it passes through Q2 and Q4 (recirculating-type fashion). In this case, no applied voltage is present to rapidly discharge; rather the current dissipates in the form of heat as friction increases in the inductor and also between the two FETs. Despite the slower current decay, this mode provides a faster reduction in motor speed. So, when a DC motor is rotating, it generates back EMF, which can be manifested by the rapid current decay. The motor will coast toward zero angular velocity as the stored energy is gradually dissipated.

In the image above, when the Q2 and Q4 are enabled, a low-impedance path between the two motor terminals is created which essentially shorts out the back EMF, thus allowing the motor’s stored energy to be dissipated much more quickly. The result is rapid deceleration, to the point that the term “brake” is associated with slow decay mode.

It must be remembered that the names “slow” and “fast” are directly associated with the rate of decay of the current through the inductive load (such as a motor winding). This is not associated with the reduction in the angular velocity of the motor. Fast decay mode causes a rapid reduction in inductive current and allows the motor to coast toward zero velocity. Slow decay mode leads to a slower reduction in inductive current but produces rapid deceleration. The side image summarizes the current pathways of these two decay modes.


In the early days of parcel post, the service was used by a large number of people, parents in particular, in unexpected ways.Despite being completely disregarded, it became one of the most significant innovations of the early 20th century when the Post Office started shipping large parcels and packages via mail. The Parcel Post after officially starting on 1 January 1913, began to flourish dramatically just like various other private delivery companies. It initiated its new service in full swing, suddenly allowing millions of Americans to access all kinds of goods and services. But it almost immediately faced some unintended consequences as some parents tried to send their children via the mail.

A United States Postal Service historian in his comment on this matter said, “It got some headlines when it happened, probably because it was so cute.”

Jesse and Mathilda Beagle from Ohio was the first couple to “mail” their 8-month-old-son James to his grandmother, who lived in Batavia. Baby James fitted well within the 11-pound weight limit for packages sent through the Parcel Post, and his delivery cost came out to be just 15 cents. His parents, however, insured him for $50. After this incident made headlines in the news, similar stories would occasionally surface over the years as many parents followed the footsteps of the Beagles.

As people started to push the limits of the Parcel Post, many stories about children being mailed through rural routes would crop up because postage was a lot cheaper than a train ticket, this method continued to build hype. In one famous case on February 19, 1914, Charlotte May was sent from her home in Grangeville, Idaho to her grandparents’ house which was located about 73 miles away. Nancy Pope covered the incident in her story, which became so legendary that it was later transcribed into a children’s book, Mailing May.

Luckily, little May was not shoved into a canvas sack along with other packages as she was accompanied by on her trip by her mother’s cousin, who was working as a clerk for the railway mail service back then. It is likely that his influence, and his sheer willingness to mail his young cousin, would have convinced the local officials to send the little girl along with other packages.

Over the years, such stories continued popping up from time to time as parents occasionally managed to slip their children by the help of their contacts. Finally, on June 14, 1913, different newspapers including the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times ran stories about the declaration made by postmaster professing that they would no longer deliver children by mail. The regulations at that time only allowed bees and bugs to be posted by mail.

The odd practice of sometimes slipping the kids into the mail might reflect the incompetence or negligence of the mail carriers; on the other hand, it also shows that how much the rural communities relied on and trusted the local postal workers. Even now many rural postal workers are able to save lives as sometimes they are the only people to visit a remote household every day. Luckily, there are many travel options for kids nowadays than pinning a postage to their shirts and sending them off with a mailman.