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As you come back from school every single day, all you want to do is to drop everything and lay on the bed, waiting for the long sleep you had been thinking of during your school time. But suddenly you realize; “well, I’ve got homework to do” and you open your notebooks. That’s where a lot of distractions come around and even a plain white wall seems more interesting than your books. You perfectly know what the consequences are if you don’t complete the homework- you might fail. And you think; “what is going on? Is there any way I can be more self-disciplined for a while?”
The answer is yes. Read on and find tips to focus on your homework.


It is a famous fact that the students who cannot focus on their homework which leads to poor grades and even failure. So, the first thing we suggest you do is to get an advanced level of concentration. Improving this skill is not only fun, but also very helpful. To master high levels of concentration, first, ask yourself a few questions and try to answer them honestly. We know you haven’t done that before so let us guide you. Ask yourself some questions like:

What are your distractions?Image for improving concentration in homework

What are you thinking about at the moment?

How long can you read or write before losing concentration?

Where do you feel most comfortable during studying?


Is something distracting your concentration away from homework? The solution to this problem is simple- get rid of the distraction. Your homework matters and you need to block rest of the factors that prevent you from concentrating on your work. We all have been knowing this from the start, but make sure you follow this every time you open your books. And yes, remember that our experts are always here to help you with your homework, so if you cannot physically fit into your productive hours, we are always there for the help.

Simpson doing his homework

Study Place

No matter what people say, it is a well-researched fact that the studying place does affect your concentration towards homework and study. Analyse which factors best coincide with your concentration. Should it be quiet? Should the place have loud music? Should the ambience be pretty and colourful? Should people be around you during your study times? Use your imagination to create the best atmosphere for better performance. Do pleasant smells make you feel better? – add them to your room. Want some piece of cake or chocolates? – grab them and start studying.

Patience and Diligence

Choose the best time to study. It is not necessary that you start your homework right after school; you might want inspiration to flow into your, or you might want to take a nap first, or you can complete your homework right in the school. The basic aim is to complete the homework and you should conduct different experiments to see which time and places resonate better with your concentration. Be patient and keep on trying new places, you never know which productive place you might hit. Make sure to track your productive hours. Watch your time once you start your homework and count how many hours you require to complete a particular work. This will help you understand your mind’s performance, through which you can easily adapt for better performance.

How to focus in homework

After you get the results of your ‘labour time’, try to repeat them on daily basis. A few days later, try adding ten minutes to it every time you study. In this way, you can easily expand your productive hour duration. Following this technique, you might work for 4 hours straight, instead of 3 hours one day. Isn’t that cool?

Comfy Clothes

As mentioned earlier, you can only concentrate better when you are feeling comfortable. You might not want to wear something that is stretchy, scratchy or uncomfortable while doing your work because you will feel so miserable. So, get rid of that scratchy tag shirt and go throw on your sweatshirt and sweatpants, or whatever.

Remove the electronics

The electronics, including your iPod, iPad or your Mac, are one of the most common distractions. You always say that you are going to take a 5 minutes break and end up wasting an hour. Make sure you put your electronics in the drawer before you start the homework. Don’t forget to put your smartphone on silent mode (No vibrations even!).

To cut long things short, train yourself to complete your homework first and keep every other thing at pause until the required work is done. Try to concentrate more on your studies by adapting the ambience and your clothes according to your mind, not according to your wishes. Try to complete the above-mentioned tips for better homework; and remember, if you still need help for your homework, our experts are here always.