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What is plagiarism? How can I detect plagiarism in my work? These are the most common questions student ask themselves after resourcing from books, journals or internet. Some of you, who have been still living in the rocks, must know that plagiarism is an act of stealing someone else’s work and claiming it as your own. Plagiarism is an outlandish animal and it stands out in a crowd and yells to get caught.

With the emergence of technology, finding plagiarism is no more an issue. There are various online softwares that can offer you plagiarism services on minimal charges. Still, there are some services that offer you free plagiarism services just to get ahead in the competition. Now, lets talk about academic organization, how do they catch plagiarism in student’s work. The answer is very simple, most of the academic organization pre-installed plagriasum detection software in the drop box. So after submitting the works by student in drop box, this software automatically detect plagriasum in the work. Let’s put your shoe on as a tutor and learn some intelligent tricks to detect plagriasum in your work. These are not the only ways you can spot any plagiarism.

Spotting plagiarism   

  • A copied content usually has inconsistency in the sentence flow. Meaning, you as a writer, will miss the flow between your writing and the parts that you took from outsource.
  • The most common method that people use to remove plagiarism is using synonyms. The same word will be present in many different meanings or words.
  • Circulating between American-English and British-English is another technique to mark any copied content. The writer, copying from another source, usually forgets the language barrier approach and writes a content which is in half-British and half-American spellings.
  • Another way, you can detect a plagiarized content is by assessing the vocabulary. Obviously, an eighth grader can never use words like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Floccinaucinihilipilification or Incomprehensibility. This is the best way to spot that a student went to a senior person to say, please write my essay for me.


woohoo, so we have learn how to manually detect plagiarism in our essay and now, we will learn how to detect auto plagiarism. As we explained you earlier, there are various online softwares that can offer you plagiarism services so for testing purpose, we have choose, an elite service in this regard that provides you 100% perfect plagiarism report within 5sec only. This tool even offers you to do comparison between two articles but this service will come with some cost. Just to get you a closer look at the compare tool, we have used some examples:


Hmm, are you afraid of spending money? Looking forward to some free online plagiarism websites? Let us review some of them too. PaperRater one of free tools that offers a wide variety of services including plagiarism checking. This tool provides three in one service which includes grammar and spelling check, free online proofreading and plagriasum checking. Let’s us start proceeding the testing by using our own article which is currently available in online. So we should be expecting plagiarism result 100%.

wow, how is this even possible? We have just simply copied and pasted our blog article so instate of showing us plagriasum in our article, the tools gave us thumbs-up to the writing. This example simply proves how free things work. So, be cautious in selecting any website for your plagiarism report as most of the websites are nothing but a scam built to make money via advertisements and clicks.

Slipshod editing talents can always be improved. If this is the element you think is making you copy content, you must ask yourself, is editing so difficult to handle? Simply go to any search engine and learn the basics of editing, which will not only help you in your current assignment but also in your further writings. Teachers must know that plagiarism is a sign that the student does not understand the task properly. They should take actions to improve their teaching skills rather than rebuking the students and making them go to any expert and say, please do my assignment. The students should also change their learning strategies which will help them in understanding the concept of the work they are doing.