If your teacher continually spots mistakes your essay writing or assignment writing, do not blame it on luck or consider it as a lack of talent. This is actually because of weak editing and proofreading of your essay. Proofreading and drafting are considered as fundamentals of an effective writing. You must carry out this step deeply and with great attention as the quality of your assignment rests on it.

Be brave yourself, point out your mistake by imagining yourself as an English tutor checking student’s homework thoroughly. The only things that will stop you from proofreading are your laziness. So let’s sit, relax and start proofreading with hot drinks such as tea or coffee.

Top editing rules

  • Check your grammar, focus more on the plural forms of the words (such as man, men) and check if you have correctly added prefixes and suffixes (‘ie’ and ‘ei’). Make sure each sentence has subject, verbs, tense (Present, past, future) according to its need. There are lots of free grammar check programs you can use but remember, those software’s are not 100% accurate (From our test) .
  • Be careful about paragraphing properly and you must check each sentence watchfully to see if it makes any sense. It is also important to follow the introduction-body-conclusion pattern in your assignment.
  • Carefully look over your assignment sentence-by-sentence to check if you have used the punctuation accurately. Check if the commas are properly placed and detect any run-on sentences in your essay. A writing consultant can also be asked for help to ease things. You can look for different online punctuation tests to improve your skills and enhance the quality of your writing.








Rubric for Proofreading

To make your assignment absolutely flawless, it is necessary to consult a rule book. Yes, special rule books for editors exist to help people understand the rules of proofreading in a remarkable way. One of the most renowned books in this regard is ‘The Elements of Styles’ by William Strunk.

Let be honest ourselves with this statement that it is really hard to step outside and review our own work from a critical point of view. Seeking opinions from other people can help you receive the insights and perspectives that you might have missed. Getting feedback from others is, in fact, a step to improve your writing to become an assignment expert.

Let’s move away from proofreading, concentrate on final touch of your academic assignment or essay together, didn’t you forget to add something in your essay. Hmmm! you may be scratching your head and thinking what did you forget to add? Well haven’t you forgotten to add title page, reference and page number? These are also important parts of essay so never try to ignore.

Besides these, try to use your imagination and uniqueness into your writing by adding some exceptional words and try to avoid word such as just, although, if, else, furthermore and avoid to use small sentence. Remember, proofreading is important to avoid any assignment that is unclear and difficult to understand. You must always start with a fresh mind and never be afraid to address us for any help.