It is not possible for anyone to learn a certain language completely, irrespective of being native or foreign. Mastering English, in particular, is a complicated task which involves learning about the structure of the language, using idioms, proper grammar and much more. One of the most important aspects of learning English is expanding your vocabulary by memorizing new words. This can be pretty tough especially during essay writing or assignment writing because it is not easy to remember so many different words at the same time. A few techniques, however, exist that assist people in memorizing different words of English, which can be of great help with assignment. Let’s start together,

⊃ Using Flashcards

This is a fun way to memorize difficult English words by heart. You just have to collect the words for memorizing and then write them down on one side of some flashcard. The other side of the cards must contain the meaning of the respective word. Now place the flashcards on a table in such a way that the side with the word faces you and the side with the meaning is facing the table. Begin the game by randomly picking up flashcards and try to recall its meaning. Repeating this game again and it will not only help you memorize words but will also help you understand its accurate meaning.

⊃ Make Stories

Try to make different stories and add all difficult words into the stories will help you to remember them in the long run. Moreover, the use of these words in the story or even short sentences will also remind you about the accurate meaning of the word and how it is used in a sentence.

⊃ Reading

Reading is a great way to increase your vocabulary especially for those who have a hobby of gathering new information. Reading books in English makes your vocabulary enriched with new words and their repetition eventually makes you memorize them. In addition to books, you can also read blogs and newspaper on a daily basis to learn new words of English.

⊃ Using a Thesaurus

A thesaurus is just like a dictionary but it is different in a sense that it provides a list of synonyms for the words, in addition to providing a comprehensive meaning. It is authentic and saves you from the hassle of searching new words from different sources.

⊃ Using Words in Speech

The most convenient way of learning new words and storing them in your permanent memory is to frequently use them in your speech. This active use of words in speech will also help people around you to learn something from you.


The best way to memorize hard and long English words is – Always Read in English but if you don’t have time to read, try to use technology such as Busuu or Funeasylearn  mobile apps (Top 10 Free Mobile Apps To learn English) which can help you to learn and memorise hard English words. Finally, find connection of the words to your life and you will be able to learn more.