Researching and interviewing are required in most cases of nonfiction writing. It becomes significant to get all the facts straight and gather all the necessary information irrespective of the fact that you are an expert or not. Research is an integral part of any content writing and, to be honest, it also does not take much time as well. It is your responsibility to manage things in such a way that there is sufficient time left for you to write. You must consider interviewing and researching quite seriously but this does not necessarily mean you don’t have to enjoy. After all, researching is about learning new things and finding answers to the questions which can be fun. Researching can help in assignment writing in a variety of ways, some of which are explained below.


1. Identify keyword from topic

One of the most important benefits that online research provides is to help you find authentic material to support your writing. Expert opinions can be gathered via a thorough online research which can improve the plausibility of your article to a great deal. Because people believe what the experts have to say about a particular thing, a bit of researching can add a touch of authenticity to your content. So the first question in our mind, how to start online research for any academic assignment? The answer is very simple – identify keywords from the dissertation, coursework or thesis and search online by using those keyword. To understand more about keyword, let us pick a title of example thesis “how to prevent fraud in financial sector by using biometric technology”.  Can we identify keywords from this sentence? hmm. Seems little bit tricky right, well let’s do it together. Always consider specific word and remove all other word such as is, in, the, by etc and read the topic again and again until you understand the full meaning of the content. Let’s read together and we have three keywords in here – Fraud, financial sector and biometric technology.

Now, second interesting question most students and researchers will ask themselves how we will start online research by using those three keywords? Yep, this is a bit tricky and confusing because if we start proceeding online research by using keyword “fraud”, millions of research papers or topics will come up based on different kind of frauds. So combining of two keyword “fraud in financial sector”, will help us to narrow our research field and search result will become more topic oriented and proactive.


2. Cross research check

A cross research can be different types- cross-sectional research, cross-cultural research, and so on. Cross-sectional research helps to examine one flexible component in diverse groups which resemble in all other features whereas, in cross-cultural research, cultural traits are compared in a similar way. The cross-sectional research is based on the data collected from a population group or some other controlled group. This data can be collected at any time during the study for making deductions. The cross-cultural research, as the name suggests, does not use controlled groups, but uses field data to make deductions about any culture or society. In this type of study, the deductions are to be made a particular time only. If you use a journal’s article for cross check, visit the journal site ( such as Taylor & Francis) to get a sense of the journal’s published content and style. This will help you in deciding whether the paper being reviewed is suitable or not for your topic.

3. Research with referencing

It is necessary that you always quote the research you wrote in your essay or assignment and write proper references in the ‘reference list’ as a footnote. This will allow your readers to track down the sources you have used in your article and will avoid plagiarism Referencing can be of different types. The most commonly used academic referencing styles include APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard, and Oxford. You must know all particulars about how to use each reference. A well know website “citethisforme” allow you to do free referencing for any article, books, website etc.

To conclude, using research in essay writing or assignment writing is a potentially influential way to increase the element of innovation. Researching provides novel ideas, assists people spot problems and appropriate solutions in new ways, and also helps to provide new frameworks to steer ideas and achievements. Additionally, using research for any help with assignment writing can lead to long-term results as it shapes the writer to see the world and trains him to respond to problems they encounter during their essay writing.