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For a student, presentation skill is an added advantage to get high marks in any semester. No matter what is your academic stream, the presentation is an essential key for a holistic growth of your academic knowledge. A details explanation will be given in here with all major and significance aspect of an academic presentation that will help you to make an everlasting impression on every spectator of your presentation including teachers and classmates.

Research and information gathering

“Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary.” – Evan Esar, American Humorist

The first and foremost thing for a good presentation is to do research on the given topic and gather relevant information. Outlining is a very important step to finding what major points you should focus on in your presentation. Do not forget, there is endless information on the internet for every topic. The main problem is to find the true and relevant information only. Look for the authentic websites and gather only that information for your presentation that comes from trusted websites.

Content forming and structure

Your performance depends on the use of gathered information during the presentation. While preparing a presentation, you have to keep in mind 4 W and 1 H (what, where, when, why and how) sternly. Start writing the body of the speech first. If you feel confused or have less time, choose our cheap assignment writing services for excellent academic presentation.

Every good presentation consists three main parts, introduction, main body, and conclusion. Try to create the main body over logical resources. The presentation must be engaging, informatics and strictly relevant to the topic.

 source: Language centre University of Groningen

The every point you chose to include in your academic presentation must be well researched and based on the real facts. Don’t include a hypothetical point or your personal opinion in the main body. The concluding part is a small summary of presentation where you can talk about results of the findings and your personal thoughts within a few words.

Graphics and visual addition

Engaging your viewers of the presentation is an art. Transform your ideas into chart, graphics and visual aids to get the undivided attention of the audience. Increase their curiosity with simple slides and smart and burning questions. You can add famous quotes as the ending sentence to have long lasting impacts.


Memory card

Memory cards are the smartest tool to use during the academic presentation. It is almost impossible and illogical to memorize each and every point of the presentation. Keep your focus on the introduction and the conclusion part and make small memory cards for various points in the main body of the presentation. Use them when needed. The memory cards help you to maintain the flow of the presentation exactly the same you have prepared.

Have confidence and present yourself well

Confidence and well prepared are two significant factors of a successful academic presentation. Do a mock rehearsal beforehand. Keep your tone friendly and relaxed. Control your hand, eyes and body movement and maintain your posture straight. Wear a formal and clean dress and add jokes and quotes in your presentation and finally, have an eight-hour sleep, keep your mind intact.

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